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Your AI Digital Marketeer

Billy Grace is the self-learning solution that can revolutionize your online marketing efforts. Experience the unprecedented benefits of more precision, intelligence, and efficiency.

One platform
that has it all

Start working smarter

Discover in 30 minutes how you can become the marketeer you’ve always wanted to be. Smarter, effective, and creative.

“Billy Grace is highly recommended! With AI, it has helped us work more efficiently and effectively resulting in growth, smarter use of budgets and content.”

“We finally found one marketing truth in one platform. Full-funnel strategies are back again.”

"Our CPA has dropped with 63% in 2 months working with Billy Grace."

Trusted by ambitious marketeers, entrepreneurs & partners, and growing

Unlock your full marketing potential

Do you recognize the challenge of never-ending data management and repetitive tasks, while making decisions with a blindfold? Start working smarter.

Access to the correct marketing data

Automated Cross-Channel Optimizations

Time freed up for strategy & creativity

Your Marketing Wing(wo)man


Our platform is praised for its user-friendliness. For marketeers, by marketeers.

Expert Support

We make sure Billy Grace is properly installed and configured to your needs.

GDPR Compliant

We care about your privacy. Our platform is fully committed to the GDPR law. 

Results Guaranteed

Billy Grace easily delivers >30% uplift. Whether it's efficiency or effectiveness.


With Billy Grace's Tracking Pixel Technology, you can achieve over 90% cross-channel conversion accuracy automatically. It's a reliable, unbiased, and customizable solution that can be tailored to any event on your website. iOS 14.5 and 3rd party cookies are now part of the past.


By leveraging AI & ML models, marketers can gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey through customizable data-driven attribution models and windows. Know the real value and impact of each touchpoint like never before.


Access an easy-to-use marketing truth with unique scaling metrics. Based on accurate data and data-driven attribution, you can now analyze cross-channel performance in one platform. You'll have everything you need to make informed decisions and maximize your marketing efforts.


It is time to unlock superhuman optimization. Using AI Automation, Billy Grace automatically optimize campaigns across and within marketing channels every single day. Add Custom Automation Rules to configure the AI to your wishes.

Creative studio

Converting creatives are the key to successful scaling in marketing. With our Creative Studio, you can easily identify unique converting creatives and elements based on every relevant metric. This allows you to scale up your marketing efforts effectively.

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