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CroudX’s transformation to an AI-driven work process

“Because of Billy Grace, I no longer have to analyze 3 to 4 hours per client every week. Normally I had to work from ad manager to ad manager, but I don’t have to anymore. With Billy Grace, I have everything in one place.” About Based in Amsterdam, CroudX is known as a forward-thinking digital...

  • Time savings of 3.5 hours per week per customer with Billy Grace.
  • Reduction of Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) up to 67%.
  • Central analysis platform for all team members.


Based in Amsterdam, CroudX is known as a forward-thinking digital marketing agency. What really sets them apart is their pioneering work in integrating the latest AI technologies into their work processes. By combining human expertise and AI, they aim for a revolutionary shift in the digital marketing landscape. This makes marketing more efficient and enables deeper strategic collaborations with clients. CroudX is the ideal partner for companies that want to look beyond traditional marketing and innovate using AI.


  • Full-funnel data tracking
  • Deep customer relationships
  • More efficient work processes


Billy Grace plays a central role in CroudX’s digital marketing team. The dashboard provides a central overview of all clients, and cross-channel analytics are automatically generated on each client dashboard. This helps them work more efficiently and spend more time on the customer’s brand. In addition, the optimization software relieves them of hours of optimization analysis.

Results & Impact

With the ability to optimize campaigns, CroudX has realized significant performance improvements. They were able to dramatically reduce Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) for multiple clients, by up to 67% in 3 months. In addition, BG has realized significant savings in time and improvements in productivity. Having everything in one place allows CroudX to collaborate more efficiently as a team and quickly get the insights they need. It also allows them to better understand the impact of actions across platforms, which is essential for making strategic decisions. BG has helped implement a new way of working and has significantly improved efficiency and effectiveness.


CroudX maximizes the potential of the BG dashboard. Billy Grace has enabled CroudX to overcome complex data management and privacy challenges. The immediate result? Reduced acquisition costs and a boost in revenue for our clients. Thanks to BG, CroudX now operates with greater insight and efficiency, allowing them to more effectively position themselves as a leading agency that effectively deploys new AI technologies.

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