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Billy Grace’s Creative studio feature

Marketers today face a growing problem: they are unable to see which creative elements of their campaigns are performing well and which are not. Without this visibility, it's difficult for them to optimize their campaigns and make data-driven decisions. This can lead to a lack of ROI and wasted ad spend. Are you tired of blindly throwing money at your marketing campaigns without knowing which creative elements drive results? Let us show you how to solve this! Meet Billy Grace, an AI platform that helps you track and measure the performance of creative elements in real time, allowing you to make informed decisions about which elements to keep, change, or test for better results.

Data Driven Image Recognition.

Billy Grace is a game changer for marketers. It uses advanced object recognition technology to analyze images and attach multiple categories to them, making it easier to understand which creative elements resonate with audiences. 

For example, if someone is sitting with sunglasses in a picture, Billy Grace can tag the image with “Sunglasses” and “Sitting,” giving marketers valuable insights into what types of visuals are most likely to drive click-through rates. With this powerful tool, marketers can fine-tune their advertising campaigns and create more effective ads that drive real results.

Billy Grace Creative Studio

It will also have an overview with categories (Tags), so marketers can see what creatives have been put in what category.

With this image recognition tool, there are unlimited ways to analyze your creatives. You can compare them to CTR, CPC or CPM and much more. This is one of the aspects where we stand out from our competitors. Billy Grace is not just an analytics tool, it analyzes and gives you handhelds to optimize and progress your marketing efforts to a whole new level.

Creative insights

Billy Grace’s creative insights view takes advertising analysis to the next level. Not only can you see which ads are performing better, but you can also compare the amount of spend per creative to key metrics such as impressions, CPC, clicks, and CTR. 

This allows you to not only optimize your campaigns for better performance, but also to identify which creatives are more effective for different stages of the funnel. Whether you’re looking to drive top-of-funnel awareness or bottom-of-funnel conversions

Estimated effect on CTR

Those categories we talked about before right? Well, creatives can have multiple categories and some share categories. Billy Grace can model how much of a part each category has played in the CTR. 

This is invaluable data, because with one glimpse you are able to see what aspects of a creative is important to increase Click Through Rates. 

This really what Billy Grace is all about, if you wanted a list of data and analytics you could have bought Microsoft Excel. With Billy Grace we really want to gamify marketing more. 

Micro manage and empower your marketing with easy to draw conclusions and goals from accurate data. Therefore saving you time, also you are able to easily translate this to your next marketing meeting with stakeholders!

Overview per creative

Billy Grace can also show you an overview of all the creatives and their: Total spend, Impressions, Clicks, CTR, CPC, and CPM (Cost per Mille). You are already able to analyze a lot of aspects of a creative. 

This is for clarity reasons. For example, you want to sort all creatives on total spend. This is all possible. Furthermore, there is a save and print option if you want to show it to someone else or want to put it in a presentation.

Performance over time

Billy Grace takes data visualization to the next level with its ability to view a creative’s performance over time. The graph shows the CTR and the number of impressions per day, giving you a clear picture of how your ads perform over time. This allows you to identify trends and patterns in your data, such as which days of the week have higher or lower click-through rates or which creatives perform better at certain times of the day.

This feature is extremely handy for identifying patterns and trends that may not be immediately obvious from the raw data. For example, you may notice a trend line indicating that your ads are getting less effective over time and need a refresh. Or you may discover that a certain day of the week or time of day is consistently more effective for your campaigns and adjust your ad scheduling accordingly.


Billy Grace is an AI platform that helps marketers optimize their campaigns by tracking the performance of creative elements in real time. It uses advanced object recognition technology to analyze images, providing valuable insights and allowing marketers to create more effective ads. Our platform also provides data visualization of a creative’s performance over time, and an overview of all the creatives.

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