First-party data, Attribution, Analytics, and Optimizations in one platform

Regain control of your marketing performance. Conquer the complexity of online marketing by combining all 4 pillars in 1 complete platform.

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My feature overview


First-party data

Leverage your full data potential by capturing complete customer journeys. By using first-party data and machine learning models for session stitching, my pixel is prepared for the cookieless future while fully complying with all privacy constraints.

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Modeled attribution

For superior performance valuation, I combine my optimal data sets with data-driven attribution models like Unified Marketing Measurement. This advanced model combines Marketing Mix Modeling techniques with Multi-Touch attribution. Get better insights by using models that can attribute views + clicks to make full-funnel, data-driven decisions.

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Centralized analytics

Experience a streamlined view of all crucial marketing data in one integrated, customizable dashboard. Easily analyze all data at channel, campaign, keyword, or product level. Dive into my Creative Studio to see how you can improve your creatives. It’s your marketing data, unified and simplified.

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Automatic optimization

Unlock smarter marketing with my AI-powered optimization. I use accurate and unbiased data from my tracking and attribution and run it through AI models to optimize your campaigns’ effectiveness. Simplify your strategy with automatic spending and ROAS targeting, all focused on maximizing your ROI.

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Generating great results

+ 81%

Conversions in 90 days

“It’s like having an extra team member dedicated to optimizing our ROI around the clock. Before, juggling 40 different campaigns felt chaotic. Now, it’s streamlined and automated. I’ve halved our costs per lead and saved countless hours.”

Daan Groskamp
Online marketing specialist
Mango Mobility

- 17%

Cost reduction

“Based on insights from Billy Grace, combined with a strategy to reduce branded search spend, we were able to reduce our branded online spend with almost 17%  WOW. This shows massive potential.”

Thijs van Hasselt
Global Head of Performance Marketing
Moco Museum


Hours saved per week

“Thanks to Billy Grace analytics, I no longer have to spend 3 to 4 hours on analytics per client every week. Normally, I had to work from ad manager to ad manager, but that’s no longer necessary. With Billy Grace, I have everything in one place. This saves me and my team huge amounts of time.”

Jesse van der Plas
Digital strategy consultant

For all companies to grow

Maura van de Kempe, Senior Marketeer, Vanilia

“Billy Grace is highly recommended! The platform provides us with many reliable insights into our data and utilizes AI and ML to offer recommendations and optimizations. It has helped us work more efficiently and effectively, resulting in a smaller allocation of budgets, and ultimately more growth.”

Akke Pennin, Co-owner, IWB

‘’Billy Grace is very well approachable and responsive. Additionally, it’s impressive how they allocate their resources for new developments in response to our feedback, which is often rapidly implemented‘’

Marit Hendriksen, Digital Marketing Manager, Joolz

“Not many tools make it past my inbox, but for Billy Grace, I made an exception. Thanks to Billy Grace, this past year we gained more insights into the value of our online channel mix and spent our budget more efficiently. Looking forward to a great continued collaboration!”

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