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The possibilities of Billy Grace’s budget optimization

Its Advertising Cloud is one of Billy Grace’s many features that will allow you to automate certain aspects of your marketing campaigns. Billy Grace uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning models to power your marketing and ensure your product or service reaches the right audience. Since Billy Grace is your self-learning digital marketing partner. This means it cannot work solely without you. Marketing is not something that you can turn on and let go without giving any input. What Billy Grace can do is give you the absolute best of what you provide it with and it doesn't need much.

Why Billy Grace?

Billy Grace uses first-party data, data that is directly collected from your target audiences. This goes hand in hand with Billy Grace’s tracking pixel, which makes sure that everything that is being tracked is done so in an accurate way.

This, together with Billy Grace’s AI systems and machine learning algorithms, makes Billy Grace amazing at making the right decisions when automating specific tasks.

Why automate certain tasks within marketing? Because marketing has lost its aim. Nowadays, a marketer wastes large amounts of time looking for opportunities while analyzing data. 

This costs businesses insane amounts of money, and dulls the job of a marketer. Marketing is about working with people; yes, data makes online marketing a helluva lot easier. But it should never be centered around watching dashboards all day.

Digital marketing strategies should be enhanced with data; otherwise, we could have all studied data science. But we did not. We like to interact with one another and provide value to others (Not implying that data scientists are anti-social).

So what can you automate? Well, almost anything, really. But let’s focus today on budget optimization.

Well, how does it work?

We would like to say something mysterious, like magic, for example. But that would make it look less complicated than it really is. Behind the scenes, a lot of machine learning models work day and night to create the best outcomes. That would be the most abstract answer, but we might be able to explain it through a metaphor. 

Yes! here we go.

Imagine you’re going to a casino with 200$. The casino only has slot machines; imagine those slot machines are marketing campaigns. You would like to know which one will give you the most returns or even better. How much do you need to spend on each one to get the best outcome?

In marketing, this is called budget allocation. By doing this yourself, you would spend a lot of your 200$ risking: little returns, and spending an insane amount of time to figure out which slot machines to use. 

Now imagine you brought your favorite co-worker: Billy Grace, who is the smartest man walking on this earth. He will spend a little of your money on every slot machine (marketing campaigns) and calculate & forecast which machine gives the most returns and how much money to spend on every slot machine.

This way, you will be able to get the maximum amount of money, out of all the machines(i mean marketing campaigns).

“But Facebook and Google use automated campaigns as well.”

Yes, that is entirely true. But they have something to gain here because those slot machines are owned by the house (Google or Facebook.) They have everything to gain from you spending money in their casino. 

And remember, “The house always wins.”

Billy Grace does not gain anything by spending more. On the contrary, Billy Grace has everything to lose by spending more. Therefore Billy Grace is always making sure that you spend as little as possible with the largest amount of returns possible.

The cherry on top is: Billy Grace is fully customizable. You can add conditions, for example: 

  • If campaigns do not perform or do not hit a goal requirement, Billy Grace can pause the campaign (This goal, you can set yourself.)
  • You can add a starting and end date for each campaign
  • Cross-channel budget optimization

Who is steering the campaigns?

That is completely up to you. If you want to be at the ship’s helm, that is completely fine. Of course, for the quickest returns, you can give Billy Grace the ropes. Like said before, you can customize Billy Grace to behave how you want. 

If you do not want to spend more than a certain amount that is fine, you can add spending limits. Billy Grace will optimize as much as possible and will most likely spend less than the space given.

The surplus leftover from the total budget will be labeled as “Unallocated budget”. Billy Grace will not spend this, but will give strategic advice. 

Billy Grace will recommend that you need to improve and change your campaigns and ad sets in your marketing channels. Things you can change, for example, different target audiences or new creatives.


To conclude

To sum it up in a small summary.

Billy Grace is a digital marketing tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate your marketing. It uses first-party data and its tracking pixel to make accurate decisions.

This saves businesses time and money by finding the best opportunities and allocating budget effectively. 

Furthermore, it allows for customization and goal setting, such as pausing campaigns that do not perform or setting specific start and end dates. 

You have complete control over the campaigns and can make any necessary adjustments. This makes Billy Grace the ultimate Swiss army knife for all your digital marketing needs.

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