All-in-one dashboard with centralized analytics

Analyze, predict, and act with reliable data from a centralized, single source of truth. Deep-dive into campaign performance with cross-channel analytics, new graphs, new metrics, and full-funnel insights.

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Everything in one place

All your marketing data unified in a single centralized dashboard. Get a comprehensive view of your campaigns’ performance with cross-channel analytics. Enable smart analytics for a holistic understanding and better data-driven decision-making.

Easy to use

From customizable dashboards to straightforward reporting tools, my platform empowers marketers to uncover actionable insights without the need for deep technical expertise. I make complex data analysis both intuitive and accessible.

Seamlessly integrated

Effortlessly compatible with leading marketing platforms, ensuring you can connect and synchronize your favorite tools without hassle. Beyond the extensive library of existing integrations, Billy Grace is continually evolving, readily adapting to include new platforms.

Analyze your performance more easily and effectively


Marketing analytics fueled with better data

Elevate your strategy with data purity. My independent tracking source combined with data-driven attribution shows the true performance of your marketing efforts, free from channel bias.


Analyze your campaigns with ease

Streamline your analytics in one dashboard that empowers your marketing decisions with more precision. Dig deeper into your data so you can discover hidden opportunities easier than ever.


Make creatives that convert

In my Creative Studio you can analyze creatives across channels. I segment your creatives and use AI to discover which elements in photos positively or negatively influence results. Unleash new creative insights with AI creative-level analytics.

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Book a 45-minute online meeting with one of my experts, and they’ll show you how I can improve your decision-making with data you can trust.


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