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Here’s how Vanilia’s online growth tripled in one year

"Because of Billy Grace, I have more control over my online marketing performance, I can be more efficient with my budget and I have been able to scale internationally. AI implementation is inevitable and I can recommend it to anyone." 3X Online Growth by 2022 20+ hours (½ FTE) per week saved on optimization analytics


Vanilia is a leading Dutch fashion brand with over 25 years of experience. It is a strong brand where customers can expect to be helped with a lot of personal attention in one of the 18 boutiques in the Netherlands. The brand typifies itself as luxurious, timeless, comfortable and durable. Vanilia is an important customer for Billy Grace. Vanilia was one of the first users of our platform and trusted AI to automatically optimize its campaigns.


Vanilia had a strong presence offline and has been setting goals to grow internationally since 2022. With Billy Grace, Vanilia wanted to:

  • Successfully expand online to Germany, Belgium and England
  • Establish efficient full-funnel marketing strategy with limited budget
  • Save time


Maura van De Kempe is Vanilia’s marketing manager. It was her job to meet the goals of inside and outside the Netherlands. However, she ran into a number of barriers that hindered her from achieving her goals:

  • The data in her ad managers did not match, causing limited reporting and incorrect insights.
  • New developments regarding data privacy due to IOS14.5, Cookie blockage, and ad-blockers caused a lot of lost data.
  • The transition of Universal Analytics from GA4 was difficult: GA4 provided limited insights.
  • It had limited budgets because online ads were not yet performing efficiently enough.

These uncertainties made it difficult for Maura and her team to analyze, make right decisions on this, report those to stakeholders, and achieve her goals of online expansion.


Billy Grace offered the ideal AI-driven solution to Vanilia’s challenges. With advanced machine learning capabilities, Vanilia achieved accurate data tracking and conversion attribution, despite GDPR complexity. Maura made data-driven decisions and optimized the marketing budget with confidence for maximum impact. Billy Grace’s rapid implementation provided instant access to essential insights for more effective marketing strategies.

Results & Impact

The integration of Billy Grace led to significant results for Vanilia.

  • 3X online size in the past year in NL, Belgium, Germany and England.

(1) AI optimization allowed Vanilia to be more efficient with the budget and (2) the analytics in Billy Grace clarified that top-funnel branding campaigns hadmore impact than previously thought. By focusing less on conversions and more on branding, Vanilia was able to make great strides.

  • 20+ hours per week saved on optimization analytics

Billy Grace creates data analytics automatically and displays them in the dashboard. This eliminates the need for a data analyst to do it manually.


Thanks to Billy Grace, Vanilia achieved impressive growth results. With accurate data and efficient budget allocation, they managed to scale internationally and optimize their online performance. Marketing manager Maura van de Kempe looks back on the implementation of Billy Grace with great pleasure, as she spends her budget more efficiently, saves a lot of time and because she reports more easily to stakeholders.

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