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Profoto’s Onboarding Journey to Enhanced Data Insights

Profoto, a global leader in camera flashes and light modifiers, is expanding its direct-to-consumer (DTC) online activities. Partnering with ‘Marketing Met Data’ - their marketing agency - Profoto sought to overcome attribution challenges and enhance their digital marketing strategy.

About Profoto

Profoto is known for its high-quality camera flashes and light modifiers without making it too complicated. With a strong focus on high-quality images and videos, they want to make light more accessible to everyone passionate about creating amazing images. Their photography lighting products are quick and easy to set up for use. For all the world’s best photographers and those who aspire to be. With their passion, Profoto has been experiencing significant growth in their online sales revenue.


Despite impressive growth, Profoto faced several attribution challenges. There is a heavy dependency on paid Google Advertising, simply because for mid&top-funnel channels (such as Meta, Pinterest, or LinkedIn advertising) it’s much harder to justify the spend going into those channels. The lack of insights into the results of these channels usually leads to cutting budgets. That’s a shame, especially since Profoto has a natural link with those channels as they focus on high-quality images and videos. With that in mind, Profoto went looking for an attribution tool that could show the value of mid&top-funnel channles.

The start of working with Billy Grace 

Profoto chose Billy Grace for its all-in-one solution, providing a first-party pixel for data collection, comprehensive attribution across marketing channels, and premium analytics features for actionable insights. 

The decision to start with Billy Grace created another challenge: implementing a new system and way of working for the marketing team. The onboarding process would be crucial for a smooth and efficient adoption of the software. 

“Our journey with Billy Grace started with a one-on-one session with one of the founders. We got a deep understanding of “what’s under the hood” and the way A.I. is used to define their attribution model. It’s highly impressive, and it’s interesting to see and compare different types of attribution models in real time. From this alone, we get a lot of value from the tool.”

Billy Grace facilitated a dedicated team including a Customer Success Manager and a Technical Specialist. Over three meetings, the team helped implement the pixel, connect ad managers, set goals, provided comprehensive training on the Billy Grace interface, and helped to create the first automatic optimizations. Within a month, the entire Profoto team felt comfortable working with Billy Grace. 


Besides better insights into campaign performance, Billy Grace has another unique advantage: its ability to offer budget recommendations and automatically apply budget and tROAS/tCPA optimisations in ad managers. Instead of having to manually reallocate budget to increase goal performance, Billy Grace automatically does this for Profoto every night. About 75% of the tool’s recommendations have been applied. Profoto’s now planning to import conversions measured by Billy Grace into the ad managers’ algorithms for further optimization.

“We have been live for about two months. We already see an uplift in measurement of approximately 10-15% and it’s great to see how channels such as Meta and LinkedIn now contribute in the overall customer journey. We really get a holistic overview of our digital marketing channels.”
Afzal Hanif

Co-founder, Marketing met Data


Profoto’s onboarding with Billy Grace was quick, smooth, and highly effective, leading to significant improvements in data insights and marketing strategy. The dedicated support and innovative solutions provided by Billy Grace have positioned Profoto for continued success in their D2C online activities.

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