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How Mango Mobility reduced CAC by 44%

Mango Mobility, specialist in mobility aids such as scooters and wheelchairs, uses online marketing to stimulate sales. Mango Mobility’s customers prefer to buy in a physical store where they receive personal advice and can test drive the desired product. One of the objectives of Mango Mobility’s partnership with Billy Grace is to use their online marketing budget more efficiently and optimize conversion.

About Mango Mobility

Mango Mobility is a premier provider of mobility solutions, including scooters, walkers (rollators), and wheelchairs. They focus on enhancing their customers’ mobility and quality of life, offering sales and comprehensive support services across the Netherlands. Their approach includes personalized home demonstrations and tailored customer advice, ensuring each client finds the perfect mobility aid.


Before integrating Billy Grace’s solutions, Mango Mobility wanted to make an effort to spend its marketing budget more effectively. Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) fluctuated significantly during that time, with a CAC 2,5 times as high during bad months compared to good months. Also, the marketing managers found the process of analyzing and optimizing their marketing channels very time-consuming. Both the CAC and internal process for optimization were challenged to improve in effectiveness. 


Billy Grace provided a dynamic solution to this challenge by offering a centralized system and the opportunity to automize optimization. The dashboards in Billy Grace allowed Mango Mobility to have a quick and easy overview and make swift decisions. Additionally, the optimization feature allowed Mango Mobility to automatically scale down their advertising on days with poor weather forecasts, as they learned their customers (mostly the elders) wouldn’t go to the store in case of bad weather. This proactive approach supports Mango Mobility to reduce costs without negatively affecting sales. 


The adoption of Billy Grace’s intelligent solutions brought substantial improvements. Within a 90-day comparison period, Mango Mobility improved:

  • Cost Efficiency: a reduction in average cost per lead by 44%, despite fluctuating weather conditions.
  • Growth opportunities: after becoming more cost-efficient through automating weather forecast adjustments, Mango Mobility was able to increase budgets. Even better: by effectively spending the extra budget, conversions increased twice as much as the budget was increased. 
“With Billy Grace’s automated solutions, we’ve been able to adjust our marketing tactics based on real-time weather data, ensuring our advertising budget is used when it’s most likely to convert. This has reduced costs, and boosted our overall marketing efficiency.”
Daan Groskamp

Online Marketing Manager at Mango Mobility


Mango Mobility plans to continue leveraging Billy Grace to refine their marketing strategies, aiming to enhance integration with real-time data and expand their reach effectively. Ongoing adjustments and improvements in their approach signify a pioneering step towards optimizing retail operations against external variables like weather.

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