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Book a 45 minute online meeting with Tim, and he'll show you how Billy Grace can improve your online marketing efforts.

Talk to our experts

Give us 45 minutes, and we’ll show you how your marketing can reach superhuman results.

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Frequently asked questions

  • For the configuration of Billy Grace, it is preferred to have basic knowledge of tag management software like Google Tag Manager. We (or one of our partners) will help every client to walk through the onboarding & configuration process to make everything work properly. Visit our helpdesk for help and advice from the Billy Grace team.

  • Our pricing model is based on monthly ad spend. As our platform works on algorithms that need data to work properly. The higher the ad spend, the more data our Billy Grace software has to run, the higher the price of the platform. 

  • After a maximum of 30-days you will gain insight in true marketing performance. Additionally, the more data (i.e. ad spent & conversions) you have, the faster the AI will show results. All plans have a 30-day trial included.

  • Billy Grace is highly relevant for every company with (1) a monthly ad spend of >5k euros, and (2) >50 monthly conversions. In general, these factors are mostly applicable to SME’s, corporate companies, and marketing agencies. 

  • We accept all mostly used local payment providers. When you setup your account, you can choose a payment option.

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