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How do brands empower their business with AI?

Brands are using artificial intelligence to target consumers with customized content and offers. AI can help create a personalized experience for shoppers, which is essential in today's competitive market. Brands can learn about their customers' needs and preferences and deliver content that appeals to them. In this blog post, we'll explore how some brands use AI in marketing.


One of the first companies to use artificial intelligence to create personalized shopping recommendations is Amazon. And over the past years, their algorithm has become incredibly sophisticated. Amazon can develop recommendations based on previous purchases and items that other customers have bought, browsing behavior, and many other factors.

Furthermore, Amazon is also using Artificial Intelligence to drive dynamic pricing. This means they can reduce prices for specific products when more sales are needed and increase prices when demand rises.

Amazon has also opened checkout-free physical stores with AI-powered sensors and cameras in Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco, demonstrating its continued leadership in the use of technology. This technology can detect which things a consumer has selected and immediately charge them as they exit the store via the Amazon Go app.

With Echo Look, an AI-driven personal stylist that uses machine-learning algorithms to give specific outfit recommendations, the firm is even getting in on the trend of employing AI in the fashion industry, hence driving greater sales of garments, shoes, and accessories.


Nike has long embraced technology, and in 2006, the Nike+ sensor was one of the first fitness-tracking devices. It's also a corporation known for marketing innovation, which they're now merging to provide individualized consumer experiences and improve its product offering.

Nike also introduced a new technology that allowed customers to design their sneakers in-store. This is not only a wonderful sales gimmick, but it also captures a massive quantity of data that machine learning algorithms may use to build future items and give individualized recommendations and marketing messages.

Nike recently acquired body scanning firm Invertex, which will deepen its bench of digital talent and further our capabilities in computer vision and artificial intelligence as they create the most compelling Nike consumer experience at every touch point.

Nike has great intentions for the data it collects and is undoubtedly one to watch in terms of AI applications today and in the future.


BMW is one of the first automotive companies to embrace artificial intelligence's potential (AI). The company is using AI to power self-driving cars and incorporating the technology into its manufacturing processes and marketing strategy.

The German automaker relies on Big Data to design and engineer its vehicles and manage sales and customer service. Predictive analytics are used to generate tomorrow's automotive designs, and the company has already built an AI-enhanced sports car that learns about its driver and adjusts systems and the cabin experience to suit each individual.

BMW introduced an intelligent personal assistant, allowing drivers to connect with their vehicles as they can with their smartphones. The application also serves as a voice-activated manual, anticipates travel routes, sends notifications, and integrates with other apps. BMW could use this technology in the future to market third-party businesses such as parking lots and gas stations. Undoubtedly, BMW will utilize the data acquired from each motorist to improve the company's marketing intelligence.


You have probably already experienced the power of Netflix’s AI. Netflix has been known to use AI-driven machine learning technology in order to improve the user experience for all their customers. One great example is how they use it by tailoring content recommendations based on what you've enjoyed before, as well as fixing any quality issues that may arise during streaming with an automatic optimization system powered by artificial intelligence! 80% of the shows watched are recommendations from AI.

There are many ways to use AI in marketing, and the opportunities are endless. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, it's important to start experimenting with AI now. At Billy Grace, we're always innovating and incorporating new technologies into our products. Subscribe to our newsletter or request a trial for Billy Grace today so you can see how AI can enhance your customer experience.

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